The unlikely persistence of the

The unlikely persistence of the PC

Draft Communications Bill notwithstanding, the digital action is still resolutely – and against all the odds – on your PC. With the doughty exception of Sky TV, digital telly in the UK is a basket case. 3G is looming but more as an existential threat to the operators than a new wave of fun and interactivity in your pocket.

Meanwhile, more than a decade of firm predictions of the PC’s demise have come to nothing. Given new life by the net, the PC – as a platform and as a way of life – is now home-base to an entire generation of wired young people – a generation with none of their parents’ neuroses about technology. They just jump in and get on with it and in so doing they’ve secured for the PC at least another decade of productive life. Here’s a story I wrote about this for The Guardian on 9th May: