hyper-growth Just like the old


Just like the old days

I got comments working ? so now you are required to tell me what you think about all this blather (and I can dump the dopey ‘what do you think?’ anchor). Enatation was the only site still accepting registrations when I researched the topic. Presumably all the other guys have stopped accepting new users because they can’t afford the bandwidth for the epic number of clicks their hobby sites are now attracting. Of course, two years ago they’d have called a venture capitalist and drawn down two or three million dollars to fund them through to IPO. The slightly flustered ‘closed’ signs swinging behind the plate glass at the annotation sites are telling us something. I don’t have any figures to hand (do you?) but I think the blogosphere is probably just entering the scary hyper-growth phase. The phase that comes immediately after the dogged pioneers and just before the steady flow of settlers ??when the network effects really start to bite. Enatation was so trivially easy to install that I surpised myself. Copy, paste, copy, paste, save. Done. Blimey. Why did we ever spend millions of pounds building web sites? Don’t answer that.