Running web-based services from home

Danny O’Brien’s been talking about making good use of an always-on home connection to replace all those web-based services we’ve become dependent on and that are about to start charging. I’m looking forward to seeing his conclusions. So far I’ve got that ‘Apache installed here’ screen up on the Cube in our kitchen but I’d… Continue reading Running web-based services from home

A shrinking Europe?

A shrinking Europe? The Economist?s cover story this week is a blockbuster (you may need to subscribe to see the story). The message is simple: the population of Europe is ? almost everywhere ? falling or about to fall, while the population of America is climbing steadily. There?s a strong likelihood that by 2050 there… Continue reading A shrinking Europe?


Nike ads and remixes notwithstanding, the passage of time has not been kind to Elvis. Outside of the faithful, he?s still mostly considered a mockery. The problem is that he was never really a rock star. At least not in the post-1960s sense. A crop of early sixties acts (mostly British) changed our definition of… Continue reading Elvis

sufficiently advanced technology…

Shazam So it’s here. Possibly the most hyped consumer tech product in recent history (apart from Ginger) has finally arrived and it is mindblowing. Shazam has morphed from not-here-yet near myth to jaw dropping ‘how do they do that?’ actuality over night and I am in awe. So far, it’s correctly guessed Little Johnny Taylor’s… Continue reading sufficiently advanced technology…

Bamber Gascoigne and me

For people of my generation (I’ll be 40 next birthday) Bamber Gascoigne is a creature of myth. He was the cocksure big brain who grilled those terrifyingly egg-headed University students and scruffy Poly herberts on University Challenge when I was a decidedly un-egg-headed schoolboy (am I the only one who thought the teams were actually… Continue reading Bamber Gascoigne and me

GPL zealots play with fire

GPL zealots play with fire Open source lobbyists are pushing laws through various legislatures to prohibit Governments from purchasing software from companies who won’t publish source code. Bill Gates, naturally, sees this as a threat and will roll out his biggest guns to prevent it from happening. In this scenario, pointless and destructive conflict is… Continue reading GPL zealots play with fire