Always on, man

Broadband is widely misrepresented as being all about speed. In fact the speed of a broadband connection is the boring part ? a simple incremental improvement to narrowband. The exciting thing about broadband is that it’s always on. Always-on is the really disruptive aspect of broadband, the characteristic of your super fast net connection most likely to change your life. I wrote about this in today’s Guardian

The Puttnam Report

I’m getting bored downloading Communications Bill documents and searching them for references to the Internet. Lord Puttnam empanelled twelve peers and MPs for his parliamentary committee and took evidence from dozens of media and communications people ? many of whom were apparently Internet experts ? and still managed to produce a critique of the bill that mentions the net only in the context of content regulation. This is not only a dreary reproduction of an entirely sterile half decade-long argument between ISPs, the police and Government but also a grim preview of the net’s potential marginalisation ??reduced to a content threat.