Normal service will be resumed…

The general weirdness and flakiness of Blogger lately (look at my lovely links!) has pushed me over the edge. I’m going to import the whole lot to Movable Type later today. Using the special temporary blogger template the MT people provide for this purpose I don’t even need to set up an RSS feed (thanks… Continue reading Normal service will be resumed…

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The film industry is the least of our problems

I watched an interesting feature about the flakey British film industry tonight on BBC 4. As you’d expect, it was mostly whinging and hand-wringing from all sources ? hyper-interventionist culture-boosters and laissez-faire populists alike. The giant lacuna was the glaringly obvious fact that the British film industry is hopelessly held back by an economy about… Continue reading The film industry is the least of our problems

and another thing…

What’s happened to all my links? All my lovely links over there on the right have stopped working (likewise the stylesheet for that bit of the page?). Blogger seems to have thrown away every single URL from my laboriously-entered anchor tags. I think this is the last straw. Movable Type here I come. It can’t… Continue reading and another thing…

What’s wrong with being an elite?

A lot of the debate about the GBW comp seems to centre on this word ‘elite’. Maybe I should have said ‘vanguard’ or ‘enlightened’ or ‘pioneers’ or something. Whatever, something unites the first wave of webloggers and it’s probably their general sort of twitchiness and irony and unease about being tagged ‘elite’. This I can… Continue reading What’s wrong with being an elite?

A too-careful commentary

The soon-to-be-abolished ITC’s contribution to the imminent Commons debate on the Communications Bill is a book of essays by The Great and The Good (G&G henceforth) from the media and public life called Television and Beyond: The Next Ten Years.

On being a parent is one of the many treasures unfairly knocked around by the ‘great crash’. Running a content web site these days must be a thankless task but the tigerchild people somehow keep delivering a useful and entertaining twist on being and becoming a parent. Anyway, is now officially ‘brilliant’ ? according to the Sunday… Continue reading On being a parent

A ragged-trousered elite

When a figure of authority (this is me, but not really me because in this I’m just standing in for The Guardian) reaches out to offer ‘validation’ to an emerging, potentially-disruptive new thing (weblogs), he should not be surprised when the pioneers of that new thing tell him to shove it. Having said that, the… Continue reading A ragged-trousered elite

Obscure? Irrelevant? Moi?

It’s always difficult to persuade an elite that the great unwashed might have something useful to contribute. Looks like bloggers are no different. How many weblogs are there in the UK? 100,000? 200,000? While adoption hovers at less than 1% of the online audience, the promise of the form cannot be realised, even if the… Continue reading Obscure? Irrelevant? Moi?

Sleepless in the blogosphere

Thanks to The Guardian for two consecutive sleepless nights scoring dozens of Great British Weblogs. I’m in awe. Not a turkey among them. I’ve over-dosed on clever, useful, ironic, sometimes geeky and very often inspirational writing, lots of big-hearted link sharing (natch) and some fascinating new thinking on the web, user interfaces and computers. I… Continue reading Sleepless in the blogosphere

Brother & Sister, Mother and Father

A Mother’s Love, The MetersAll Your Sisters, Mazzy StarBig Bayou, The Flying Burrito BrothersBroken Little Sister, Death In VegasBrother Can You Spare A Dime, George MichaelBrother John, Cannonball AdderleyChristine’s Tune, The Flying Burrito BrothersCome To Daddy, Mummy Mix, Aphex TwinDivine Mother, Jah WobbleEndless Grey Ribbon, The Corn SistersEvery Day Is Christmas, The Webb BrothersGonna Die… Continue reading Brother & Sister, Mother and Father