Wi-Fi in the park

Steve Johnson’s excellent weblog links to a great story in the NY Times about the free Wi-Fi network in Bryant Park. I remember the park as a gorgeous place to have Sunday brunch and read the papers, but that was before 802.11b. Bryant Park (right behind the NY Public Library if I remember rightly) was… Continue reading Wi-Fi in the park

Resource wars

John Gray in the New Statesman says we’re entering the era of ‘resource wars’ and that our starry-eyed faith in technology or in central planning has blinded us to the huge risks: “The belief that resource scarcity can be transcended by industrialism unites many seemingly antagonistic political standpoints. When neoliberals announced that the collapse of… Continue reading Resource wars

Migration Watch UK – not much think, mostly tank

Migration Watch UK is a shabby pressure group masquerading as a think tank. The group’s neutral-sounding name masks its real concern with immigration. The group’s founder, Sir Andrew Green – a former Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, quoted at BBC News Online – isn’t trying very hard: “You get on the Tube and you can barely… Continue reading Migration Watch UK – not much think, mostly tank

3G auctions revisionism

Paul Klemperer, auction guru and advisor to the Government on the 3G bids, mounts a point-by-point defence of the much criticised 3G spectrum auctions: “In retrospect, of course, the licences look expensive. But in retrospect, shares or houses sometimes look expensive. Like any other market, an auction simply matches willing buyers and willing sellers –… Continue reading 3G auctions revisionism

Am I intruding?

My extensive research (I scrolled all the way down) reveals that Carl Steadman’s proto-blog Tilde Carl was five years old last week. Five years. No archive. One very long page of such delicate self-illumination that it feels rude to link to it at all…

A new library of Alexandria

In the future, there will be statues of Brewster Kahle. I never cease to be humbled by his ambition. “Technologists have promised the digital library for decades. In 1945, Vannevar Bush, who was technology adviser to several US presidents, wrote an article in The Atlantic magazine outlining how computers might one day augment libraries. Then… Continue reading A new library of Alexandria

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Movable lunch

My friend Lenny Barshack has a Gourmet Deli in NYC. They deliver, natch, but they do it cleverly. If you order lunch from the office, registered co-workers will be told so that they can get their order in too. If you’re planning to visit the deli, you can check in to see things are not… Continue reading Movable lunch

Anti brand campaigners need context

Anti-sweatshop campaigners have launched a campaign for a Christmas boycott of The Gap’s stores worldwide. “Gap is encouraging the exploitation of workers in six countries, the activists say. They presented a New York conference yesterday with documented evidence of “abusive working conditions” collected from interviews with 200 people in more than 40 factories making Gap… Continue reading Anti brand campaigners need context

Liberal email

Is this how you take the pulse of liberal America? From technoculture I learn that the NY Times publishes a daily list of the ‘most emailed’ articles from its online edition.