Pizza with a pioneer

Roger Green in Pizza Express Watford
Roger Green is a media backroom boy, a veteran of many years as a top manager at Britain’s number 2 magazine publisher EMAP (until he left the company last year) and one of the first to understand the Internet’s sweeping potential to change publishing. In the early days of the web (I mean 93/94), Roger (and his then co-conspirator at EMAP Carol Dukes, who went on to found Think Natural) were my principle source of expense account Pizza. Later he launched dozens of important web sites for EMAP until the crash brought the adventure to a crunching close. Today Roger and I ate Pizza in Watford (Roger paid, naturally).

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  1. If you’re prepared to go to Watford for a pizza, how about coming to Canary Wharf to catch up with Roger’s co-conspirator?

  2. Oh no…Bowbrick, Dukes, Green all on one page. It’s like 94 all over again. Pizza? Watford? Canary Wharf? Honestly, whatever happened to Cappuccino? Clerkenwell? It’s obvious I never really moved on…

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