The Nelson Mandela International Peace Force…

David Aaronovitch finds good reasons for liberals to support the war in The Observer.

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  1. Hi there,Im trying to get an important message to Mr Mandela and dont know how to make contact.I would like to let him know of a disturbing email I recieved from Kosovo today.Orthadox monks and nuns are being attacked ,some killed,and many churches burnt.Now the ancient monostaries are threatend of being distroyed.The monks will end up as marters and die before allowing the Albanians to distroy thier monostaries.Many years ago I remember an interview of Mr Mandela when he said that in all his years on Robben island he missed church only once.I would like to personaly hand deliver to the Albanians a letter from Mr Mandela and possibly Arch Bishop Tutu,urging the Albanians to stop attacking unarmed and defenceless nuns and monks in unprotected monistaries.It is enough that they have burnt down nearly 20 churches.Thank you vary much .Regards Basil Andrew.

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