asynchronous pulsation!

Technorati provides evidence of my first ever French inbound link ? from Mario, a Head Teacher in Quebec (directeur d’?cole = Head Teacher?). Thrilling. Better still is Babelfish’s translation of the entry in question:

“I like much the idea that evokes “the attentive listening” of the tone of the notebook Web. To find its voice, its stamp of voice as a letter at the post office that one deposits, but which only takes one moment to slip surreptitiously with the screen of those which choose of reading. Emotion in a bottle thrown to the sea that one writes for oneself, certainly, but which titillates curiosity to have a presentiment of the heart of that or of that which will give echo. Provocation, insolence, “rise of milk”, sigh, music of bard, idea of genius, lament or denunciation and then also jewel, lucky find, illumination, soft futility, bravado or ode; all that populates the “blogosph?re” for the cause of the conversation, with asynchronous pulsation! How I like this wavelength where the ideas, without inopportune interruption, run with floods and return, often with time, sometimes without, but always at named point! Thank you for the inspiration “Guard without-limit”…”