Say it loud: ‘No. I do not have a Nectar Card’

So, thanks to Robin and his idle mates, I now have a big enough Nectar logo and I’ve set up my Cafe Press shop so you can actually buy a “No. I do not have a Nectar Card” t-shirt. So, the next time you’re asked “Do you have a Nectar Card?”, you don’t need to say anything ? just point insolently at your chest (and, for the time being, profits will still go to UNHCR, unless you’ve got a better idea). Update. I’ve actually sold a few of these. Remarkable. It’s not just Michael Moore who hates Nectar Cards.


  1. “No, I don’t want fries with that”

    Matt suggested an improvement on this shirt shown at bowblog. Imagine carrying around a pocketful of velcro patches for the different shops you entered. I think its the new wave in fashion accessories….

  2. Is it really such an inconvenience to just say ‘no, I do not have a Nectar card’? Have we now lost the ability to speak to the people on the till in our local Sainsbury’s? Could it possibly be beneath some people to talk to some poor’kid’ in Sainsbury’s who is just doing their job? How sad.

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