Gibson’s got a nifty kettle metaphor

William Gibson has stopped blogging to write a new book. He thinks the two activities are incompatible and has a metaphor that makes me feel a bit sick:

“The image that comes most readily to mind is that of a kettle failing to boil because the lid’s been left off.”

Obviously, I’m I’m now wondering if blogging is stopping me coming to the boil!


  1. Bloggers are like DJs

    I’m suffering big time after DEMOS’s birthday party last night, so i figured i’d get this one off my chest.

  2. God, analogies eh – you wait for ages then two great ones come along at once (I’m thinking of the Crabtree “Bloggers are like DJs” thing on iWire at the moment… so is DJing like trying to boil a kettle with the lid off?)

    And my fear for humanity is: if Franz Kafka had had a blog, would he have lived a peaceful and contented existence, occasionally spilling crums of existential angst into the blogosphere, but otherwise going about his day-to-day life without ever experiencing the agonising urge to write properly? Is the blogosphere giving us all too much damn therapy??

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