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Buddy the elf
At the weekend – while you were translating Artaud or arranging a Bartok quartet for the tuba or whatever you do with your free time – we went to see Elf. We laughed and sobbed like sentimental goons (the kids weren’t so keen). A proper Xmas movie. Anyway, I looked the movie up and learnt that the (very funny) screenplay is written by David Berenbaum, who got his start in Hollywood less than three years ago when Disney took him into their writers in residence programme after they saw his brilliant Shalom Whassup spoof. This says a lot about the way Hollywood renews itself and about the American attitude to new ideas and new people. Could Britfilm provide the same kind of fast track for real talent?

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  1. I’d say ‘not’, Steve. The UK film biz is pretty cliquey… it’s all about “membership”. Same thing applies with the advertising business, as far as I know. The harder it is to get in, the more the members are rewarded. So the members have no interest in changing things. The Americans are more pragmatic- they just want whatever brings in the cash fastest. Two entirely different ways of looking at things.

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