George W Bush makes good decisions

Listen, I don’t mean that they’re all good (or even that many of them are), I mean that he just made two big ones that practically gave me goose bumps they were so good (one of them actually did give me goose bumps – but you shouldn’t let that affect your judgement).

First, he decided to get with the programme in a properly pragmatic and American way and give illegal immigrants permission to stay provided they’re working (which, of course, they all are) and, second, he decided to send astronauts to Mars and put a permanent colony on The Moon. Allow me to repeat myself: “send astronauts to Mars and put a permanent colony on the moon”. Don’t tell me you didn’t get goose bumps when you heard those words.

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  1. I wouldn’t be so quick to cheer the Mars plan. It was very much a political concoction, not based on any informed advice.

    Reports I’ve read suggest that the way the Bush administration will finagle even the early start-up costs is to cut all the real science Nasa does (like that behind the Mars Rover programme).

    Karl Rove and his cohorts are looking for goosebumps. They’re not looking for any substantive achievement.

  2. I guessed as much. Still, allow me my goosebumps! There is only one nation on earth that can single-handedly plan such epic (hubristic?) adventures so, in a sort of perverse way, our destiny as a species and Goerge W’s electoral prospects are intertwined. What a horrible thought…

  3. I agree Bush does make extemely good decisions. In fact I believe the majority of them are great decisions! Though he is very intelligent, I don’t think the two reasons provided above outweigh decisions he’s made lately on the economy and foriegn policy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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