Thank you Faruk!

Andrew Murray at PCM – sponsors of this weblog – delivered my new Mac the other day – my third G4 Powerbook and probably my tenth Powerbook in all. This one was a dud, though. Wouldn’t boot at all or booted and then showed me a lot of nasty debug code before it passed out all together. I assumed the worst and dropped Andrew an email late in the evening of the day it was delivered. The remarkable thing is that by lunch time the next day, it was fixed. A friendly and utterly competent engineer by the name of Faruk Norat, a twelve year PCM veteran, took a longish diversion and came round to my house in Hertfordshire, replaced some dodgy RAM and bob’s your uncle. One happy Powerbook and even happier owner. Another good reason to buy your Mac kit from PCM, I reckon.

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