Murphy triumphs, Hackney lives up to its reputation

Paul Murphy’s opening at Transition in Hackney (London’s Brooklyn) was brilliant. APU150 is a really mature show – coherent, clever, beautifully worked (even quite nicely hung). I expect great things – provided Paul’s advanced age and scary appetite for very old Cognac don’t get in the way, naturally

Paul’s priced the work to sell (he’s too modest). I don’t want to make it sound cheap but the piece we bought cost us quite a lot less than replacing the rear window of the car which someone helpfully smashed while we guzzled the diabolical white wine (was it wine? Cider? Turps?) laid on by Paul’s shadowy ‘gallerista’/Svengali Cathy Lomax.

If you want to get your BritArt collection off to a flying start I’d get down to Transition sharpish and hoover up a few Apus.

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    The cupboards on the porch at the back of the house flooded again which leads to the obvious question why did the owners of the storage facility decide to continue to keep valuable artwork there? Drawings and paintings from Apu150, the recent show at t…

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