Misguided spam warrior

If you’re the Northern gentleman who calls me on my mobile at all hours of the day and night (01:15, Saturday morning, for instance), withholds his phone number and then asks me “how’s the spam business, Steve?”, I’d like you to know the following (I figure you’re clever enough to find my mobile phone number so you’re probably clever enough to find this weblog):

1) the nasty, pornographic spam you’re receiving is not sent by another.com (or by me, for that matter) but by someone spoofing an another.com address. If you would do as I have suggested and send me an example (with all the headers you can muster) I might be able to help you figure out where it is coming from – I, like you, have small children and don’t think much of pornographic spammers.

2) and most important, really, I don’t work at another.com any more and haven’t done so for about 18 months. These days I’m not even a Director or a shareholder. Even if another.com were sending you pornographic spam I couldn’t do anything about it – about as much as you could, in fact. Come on, help me out here!

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  1. I too am extremely annoyed with another.com – not because of spam, but because they have deleted all my emails from last year, made me pay for a service that is at best flakey and moved me to a system that looks as though it was designed by a 5 year old.
    I found your blog after finding your association with another.com – and, I might add, I’ve found your mobile number also (try checking some DNS entries!).
    It’s not me calling as I realise you’re no longer working for them, but I’d try and distance yourself as much as possible, and definately get your mobile number and name taken off the DNS entries.

  2. Oh dear – what alot of sad wankers there are in the world. Stop complaining about another.com and get a life all of you. Steve – I hope that silly Northern gentleman stops calling you soon.

  3. Astrid – I wouldn’t be complaining if I wasn’t paying for the another.com service. After 9 emails and numerous phone calls to them to find out where all my another.com emails have disappeard to from last year they’ve finally found the problem, they “think they have been lost, and there is nothing more we can do to find them”.
    Very handy.

    If you were paying for a service year after year and the company failed to provide that service, wouldn’t you be a bit peeved? What if someone came and deleted all your email from your hard-drive? Then what would you do?

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