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Foodster is a lovely idea but shouldn’t it be a Wiki?

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  1. Food for thought

    Steve Bowbrick recommends the Foodster blog but makes a very perceptive suggestion: a lovely idea but shouldn’t it be a Wiki? Absolutely. I’ve found the Raw Food Wiki but nothing generally about food. It is begging to be done. Now

  2. A very good point. It does seem like there ought to be one. In fact it begs for one the more you think about it. Were you offering to get one running? 😉

  3. A Wiki would be an interesting way of doing it but I chose Movable Type because it offered me a nice balance between openess (I can create lots of authors and each one of them can create other authors and so on) but at the same time, there is some control over who contributes and what they can do with each others recipes. Also most of my authors are actually quite technophobic and a Wiki might be just too much freedom to get lost in. BTW Steve, didn’t you say you would add a link to my blog or maybe one to foodster instead?

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