No, really. I’m fine. I didn’t want any Google shares anyway

Like I said, me and Warren Buffet, we won’t be buying any Google shares in the company’s upcoming IPO. Of course, he could actually buy some if he felt like it. I’m not allowed to because I don’t live in the USA.


  1. Personall, I wouldn’t buy them even if I a)lived in the US and b)had a spare million dollars handy. This company will be controlled by the founders. They will do what they want. If they go mad or fall out or decide to start a poodle (google?) parlour, they will. The last company in the news with a split share structure like this was Conrad Black’s Hollinger International. Not that I’m implying …

  2. Yeah, right on Ivan. Look what happened to that poor guy who invested in Webmedia and then the guys who set it up went bonkers. Whatever happened to them?

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