Middle management anarchists

My NotCon sticker, June 7 2004
Notcon was, of course, splendid. I didn’t see enough of it to provide much of an overview (so you might want to read these guys: Wired News, David Brake, himself, Will Davies) but I so enjoyed the two presentations in my own session (the.. erm… ‘business’ strand) that I wanted to link to them for you. Tom Dolan’s ‘Shit I’m a Manager‘ was a handy primer for new managers but it was engaging principally because Tom has obviously really enjoyed learning about managing people and projects. I think he’s probably an excellent and inspiring manager. Pete Windle‘s highly sarcastic ‘Mediocraties of Scale’ ran to about four minutes but his idea – we need to industrialise software production sharpish – was clever and almost certainly correct (Oops. Pete’s presentation doesn’t seem to be online).


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