Admirable Things

The admirable Things Magazine has reached its tenth anniversary. I’m a recent convert (like thousands of people, I guess, by way of the equally good New Things linklog). You can buy a copy here and you can even use the PayPal credit you’ve been accumulating selling off all those… er… things in your attic. Things is clever. It looks like one of those wise-ass cultural/academic journals that thrived in the eighties and nineties but it’s different. I think it’s kind of ‘post-theoretical’, displaying the sort of hyper-engaged pleasure in the material world that was considered disreputable when I was reading this kind of thing, when ‘theory’ closed off practice and things were reduced to signs. Back then we deprecated the literal, physical world. You might have concluded it didn’t exist at all, that it was just an ‘effect’ of the submerged sign-world we inhabited. Now we’re all recovering our pleasure in the stuff that surrounds us and Things is here to celebrate it.

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