Santa’s little helper

Olly and the Argos Catalogue
It’s the end of September and here’s a six year-old boy, an Argos Catalogue and a letter that starts ‘Hello Santa’ (Santa is helpfully provided with page numbers)…

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  1. Having purchased a sky free to view card I could not obtain itv2. I was informed by sky that I would have to pay extra for it. Is this right that having bought a free to view card and this being a free to vie channel.

  2. Having purchased a Sky free to view card I found I had to pay extra to view itv 2 a free to view channel. Is this right or just a sky rip off.

  3. Paris, if you spent more time at home and less making reality shows you would realise that Colin is fed up at having to pay extra for itv 2. Keep up dear.

  4. Ollie is happy to pay for anything as long as it has an Argos catalogue number or six legs and wiggles. Itv2 is heaven for those of us who like Corrie and the X-Factor, but Ivan, don’t even go there as it will give you a hissy fit. And I am well, thank you, but I don’t know if it is today still or tomorrow by now.

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