Buy some old printers

Somebody out there needs five – count them! – five lovely Apple printers (4 Stylewriter inkjets and a twenty year-old Imagewriter dot-matrix). I think you should probably buy these just to make some sort of art installation (are you listening Ivan?). With these printers, an old Mac (or a new Mac and an adapter) and OS X.3 you’ve got yourself a nifty networked fax server (five nifty networked fax servers, in fact). You could write a script to print a grab from your webcam every five minutes or use them to print badges for your speed dating thing. Come on, you’ll think of something.

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  1. Well, I could swap them for all the kit I’ve got sitting around here. For example, I got a grant from the Arts Council a couple of years back to buy as many desktop printers as I could handle. Thus, I have more little colour desktop printers in my life than I could ever shake a stick at. Actually, I’ve just taken two of them down to a show along with two PCs from my last defunct business and one Mac from the business before that.

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