I made a place!

Forums are places, I suppose. IRC channels, MUDs and chat rooms too. But blog entries? Not really. Here’s an exception. Ages ago I blogged a special ‘flowchart issue’ of Mizz, the teen mag and, since then, my top search term has been ‘mizz magazine’. Every day, dozens (sometimes hundreds) of teens find themselves – thanks to Google – looking at this entry. God knows what they make of it (many of them wonder aloud: ‘what is this place?’). Anyway, the entry has become a kind of teen hangout. I don’t do anything (just delete the odd Viagra comment-spam) but it’s now more-or-less self-sustaining. I guess it might go on forever…


  1. But you totally failed to actually explain the use of flowcharts in Mizz, you muppet. What do they use them for?

  2. Don’t know about flowcharts, but that’s one of the best set of Comments I’ve ever read. Such enthusiasm, such dedication. Are they your regular readers?

  3. There’s a similar thing going on at one of my blog entries here. People are searching for ‘beautiful’ in google image search and finding a little picture I took. And they’re finding it while they’re feeling vulnerable or sad. Or just being teenagers. And they’re counseling each other and it’s nothing to do with me. There’s a Guardian article or something in these accidental places.

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