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John Peel
You really can’t overstate the richness and usefulness of the BBC’s radio output. Not possible – honestly. A couple of brilliant examples: Peter Day does great business radio (against the odds, you might argue, in an environment like the BBC where business usually gets a pretty poor write-up) and has done for years. Here’s an outstanding show from his In Business series about the decades-long battle between AMD‘s Jerry Sanders and Intel‘s Robert Noyce. I haven’t heard an account of this fundamentally important dispute anywhere else. Understated and clever and historically valuable.

Even better – I sort of knew that the only really definitive Peel tribute would come from Andy Kershaw but it took me a while to find out that it went out in his Radio 3 slot. This is really lovely radio. The Radio 1 tributes were well-meaning but all together too chirpy. This one is emotional and personal and sad… great music too.

The Kershaw Peel tribute seems to have been overwritten already so here’s an MP3 (I’ve taken the MP3 down because it was becoming a bit too popular! People have been Googling it from every corner of the planet. If you’re desperate, drop me a line).

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  1. Thanks to that blog entry I’ve been listening to Andy Kershaw all afternoon. I’ve never enjoyed a radio show so much in my life.

  2. Googled the kershaw peel tribute, but i should have known you would preserve it for all mankind, thanks Steve. BTW, the One Live Cafe interview on the R1 site is priceless. Too sad.

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