Congratulations, scumbags

Today, for the first time, I deleted over 1,000 spam comments from this weblog (about 1,200 in the last 24 hours, in fact). I am now officially overwhelmed (and so is poor Robin’s server which now spends most of its time accepting and then deleting my comment spam) so we’re going to have to try a different way of dumping the spam – probably something that requires commentors to type a random code or something. How boring.


  1. I use the MTCloseComments plug-in to close all comments on posts that do not appear on the front page of my blog (but this can be configured differently). It’s reduced the number of spam comments I receive from 500 a day down to one or two a month.

  2. Hi Steve, you should use MT-Blacklist: it does a great job of blocking comment spam on my blogs, thousands of spam comments automatically blocked and I only see spam blocked for moderation once every few days (and then I can get rid of that and block their URLs with just a couple of clicks). Mark……

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