Let’s hear it for 40-ish blokes

My wife is always telling me that our generation is now in charge. Although I seldom, these days, feel very in charge (I’m doing my best, though. Me: “yes. It is bed time. No you cannot watch another ten minutes of Inspector Gadget…”), I can see what she means.

On the radio last night, there were two really inspiring programmes from men of my 40-ish generation: Jon Ronson on… Going West (one of a very clever series) and Simon Armitage’s one-off Surtsey and Me about the strange volcanic island off Iceland with which he (almost) shares a birthday.

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  1. Hey Steve – If we’re supposed to be in charge, why do I always feel semi-retired these days (against my will, I’d have you know)?

  2. Tom, there is only a short time between being in charge and retirement. Maybe you just didn’t notice when you became in charge and it’s almost over.
    My view is that the punks are in charge, they’re all self satisfied media execs thinking they’re doing something really punky. Hence the reemergence of Johnny Rotten. Etc. End.

  3. Yeah. That’s why John Lydon is making a mint presenting wacky wildlife programmes after winning I’m Forgotten……Get Me Out of Here, Charlie Harper is a hairdresser and Bob Geldof (although The Boomtown Rats were the LEAST Punk of supposed Punk bands) is now a Sir and makes programmes about the sanctity of marriage. End!

  4. “these days, feel very in charge (I’m doing my best, though: “yes. It is bed time. No you cannot watch another ten minutes of Inspector Gadget…”)”
    Steve, if I’d realised you liked Inspector Gadget that much I would have let you watch it, but you just get so tired in the mornings if you stay up late.

  5. Felt ‘in charge’ but sadly slightly old when the estate agent’s office I went into today actually took me seriously even though I thought I was dressed like a trendy teenager. I feel a mid life crisis coming on….

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