Yodeling for pleasure

Elton Britt, one time holder of the 'world's fastest yodler' record
Lots of infectious laughter in Sandy Toksvig’s programme about yodeling on Radio 4 last weekend. The thesis: yodeling cheers you up. I can’t help but agree. My iTunes library contains 28 songs with the word ‘yodel’ in the track name (‘Yodeling Hobo’, ‘Swiss Yodel’, ‘Yodeling Cowboy’, ‘The Whipporwill Yodel’ and so on… Please don’t judge me – I had a difficult childhood). I can’t yodel (can you?) but I’m adding it to the list of things I’d like to learn how to do when I’m old (I suppose I mean ‘older’).

This file will, predictably, be overwritten by next week’s show so drop me a line if you’d like an MP3.


  1. Yup, I heard that and it made me laugh. I spent the program trying to mentally recreate the old joke about the man who gets lost in the mountains, stays the night with a man with three daughters, shags them all in the night, gets found out in the morning and as he hoofs it across the hills yells back (and you really have to yodel this bit):

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