I’ll consider myself helped then

First of all, this wasn’t supposed to happen. I didn’t expect dozens of you to chip in with solutions to my HTML/CSS problems (well, 19 in all, including the emails). So now I either have to bankrupt myself shipping Champagne to every corner of the English speaking world… or draw lots. I think I’ll draw lots. If you were one of the lovely people who helped me to sort out my three-column layout, watch the skies. I’ll be in touch with one of you for an address (or perhaps I should just send it to Alex who seems to have prompted most of the responses. Thanks Alex!).

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  1. Now it looks broken, on my safari. Before it always lookd really fine three column layout. Not anymore

  2. The “rightbar” is a few pixels too wide (or the “container” and “body” the same number of pixels too narrow).

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