There are two kinds of blog

There are obviously more than two kinds of blog. I suppose I mean here are two kinds of blog. Anyway, there’s the kind that’s so stuffed with actionable nuggets, little (and big) things that you can actually try out and that make you go: “Oh shit. That’s another thing I have to figure out (like I don’t have enough things to figure out).” Ben Hammersley‘s is that kind of blog. There’s nothing on this page that isn’t interesting and worth a few minutes of your time (except maybe the skirt). Then there’s the kind that represents a throughly engaging worldview and provides lots of entertaining evidence for its validity. Russell Davies‘ is that kind of blog.


  1. Steve, there are many, many kinds of blogs. Your reductionism is staggering and simply wrong.

    One of the most fascinating things about this interactive form is watching it develop. Some blogs entertain, some educate, some refer, some contain as good original writing as you will see anywhere. I started a (deliberately short-lived) environmentally political blog about dogshit that found it’s way into The Independent
    ( ) which frankly was the last thing I expected. It seems to have jolted Islington Council into paying more attention to the cleanliness of the street in question. So you can even say that blogs have a role to play in our humble democracy.

    Do you remember the tale about the four blind men trying to work out what animal the elephant was? This reminds me of the way traditional media are now trying to assimilate and understand blogging. None of the definitions I have found are complete, and many are misleading.

    Regards, D.

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