Nationalists on McCartney

Diarmid Logan posts a bunch of links to nationalist media coverage for the McCartney story. Sobering (but not surprising?) to learn that the nationalist media is not 100% supportive of the McCartneys, and that – to be honest – quite a narrow, disappointingly sectarian tone of voice prevails here. And, by the way, and if you don’t mind my saying so, it takes a blog to bring together these voices usually unheard in mainland media. I’d never have been exposed to these opinions without Diarmid’s effort to harvest the links and post them here.

Here are the links again:
Time to Stop Demonising Sinn Fein, Irish News
Killing used as political football, Daily Ireland
Sisters here, but who’s paying? Irish Echo
Unionists ‘hypocrites’ over McCartney death: Victim’s father,
Precedent aplenty of armies shooting people, Daily Ireland
Short shrift for the Strand, Sunday Business Post
Murder used as a political football, Daily Ireland

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