24 hours in New York

Brad Bowers, Black Inc. Ventures, in NYCMatt Comyns, Black Inc Ventures, in NYC

I know. I know. I didn’t even see The Gates. I was in town to conclude a deal with my new friends Brad Bowers and Matt Comyns from Black Inc Ventures. Brad code-named our joint venture ‘Whiplash’ and, for the time being, that’s all you’re getting…

Matt and Brad took me for a proper American breakfast at The Pershing Square Cafe opposite Grand Central Station and then to a friend’s groovy West Village apartment to sign our agreement (cue Gillette moment: slow motion high fives, back slapping etc…) and get some brainstorming done. It was the first time we’d met, after four or five months of discussions in email and Skype and on the phone.

Of course, I’m pathetically excited by this new opportunity and generally stunned by the Americans’ readiness to trust a virtual stranger to run their precious business – the business equivalent of those women who befriend their death row pen friends and then marry them sight unseen. Anyway, watch this space.

I may have been there for less than a day but I did, you’ll be glad to know, manage to take a couple of hundred pictures.

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  1. Well done – it all looks very high-powered and technical. Are you going to be one of their ‘strategic advisors’? Is that a world record for volume of photo’s taken comparative to time in country whilst meant to be signing an extremely important deal?!!

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