The day after infamy

A big city is an amazing thing. It’s obviously more than the sum of its parts. This city’s history makes it wide open, accepting, perhaps incautious and that makes London a perfect target for the psychopathic criminal nihilists but it also makes it a robust and adaptable entity. Even an ingenious, distributed attack on the city’s transport network can’t break it.

The city continues to function today and will do so without significant pause. I’m very, very proud of London and the Londoners (and the honorary Londoners who work here) who came through yesterday’s nightmare with such nobility. I’m also certain that no one can break the will of this city to remain an open, happy and productive place. London really can take it.

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  1. Londoners and any right thinking people will not give in and be intimidated by what are COWARDS – yes if you happen to read this you SCUM that is all you are. Iam not religous but how you think that some how you will go to Paradise if you die for your causes shows how unintelligent you really are – what you should be thinking is what will happen when you arrive at the OTHER PLACE because that is where you are headed !

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