Save these gadgets for the nation

The disbursal of the Steve Bowbrick Media Technology Museum Cemetery continues apace. Charming but obsolete gadgets like this 1980s Sony portable shortwave receiver and this terrific battleship-grade piece of German optical engineering are going under the hammer over at eBay as we speak. We’re having a bit of a domestic over whether I should unload the Newtons, one of which, the largest and least useful PDA ever made, the Apple eMate, would probably fetch a few quid as an oddity. Juliet thinks I should keep them. I’ve just spent a fortnight adjusting to the grief their departure will cause so I want to get it over with. Watch this space retro-gadget fans.


  1. Dunno about that, but where have your links gone? I used to use them as a jumping off point – now there’s a bunch of people I don’t read anymore. And as for my referrals …

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