I told you they were weird

Yes, it's a suit in a hedge, Park Road, Radlett, 3 September 2005
This suit – not a new one, quite worn in fact, and with a very lairy pink tie over the hanger – spent a while in the hedge over the road from our house at the weekend.

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Radio Apocalypse

Voyeuristic I suppose but gripping and scary too. Live radio from a Clear Channel country station in New Orleans. Lots of live telephone reports from the Superdome and other parts of the drowned City and many frightened and angry citizens phoning in looking for help and for lost loved ones.

All the local Clear Channel stations have joined forces to stay on the air. Emotional presenters are interviewing angry local officials and politicians (including the Mayor of New Orleans) who want federal action now but haven’t seen anything yet – no buses, no food, no clean water – only press conferences.

Listening to this I think you’ll conclude there’s no way Federal or State Government can come out of this without serious political damage. For Bush, this could be bigger than Iraq.