The trees are moving

This is where the story starts to get really Shakespearian. Blair’s messianic tendencies – his readiness to put belief ahead of logic – make him look more and more like Macbeth by the day (the fact that the cast of characters is practically all Scottish helps). His isolation can only intensify now. Gordon Brown – Blair’s embittered Malcolm – found 49 happy Macduffs on the seething Labour backbenches today. Blair’s protracted public assassination at the hands of his gleeful party enemies has begun.

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  1. It sort of has echoes of the ‘night of the long knives’ when they went for Thatcher. I think Tony has got it all a bit wrong and is being far too arrogant about it. At times, he actually reminds me of Thatcher which makes me very sad and frustrated as I was so excited and happy when he came into power. Now, I just feel worried!

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