God versus Santa…

As far as my kids are concerned, I believe in Father Christmas but not in God. Over the years, since they started to ask, I’ve spent a fair amount of time constructing complicated responses to various God questions: “no. I don’t believe in God but I think the stories about God and Jesus are important and that we can learn things from them” and “of course I don’t mind if you believe in God – you’re free to make up your own mind” and, “yes, of course there’s nothing wrong with singing about Jesus at school” and so on… (What a load of rubbish. I make myself sick…)

Anyway, with Santa it’s much simpler: “Of course he exists”. “Santa visits every home on the planet in less than 24 hours using magic, obviously” and “Yes. Santa provides all the presents except the ones that have been imperfectly concealed on top of the wardrobe for the last three weeks which were bought by us on his behalf. OK?”

So I’m selective about my imaginary, bearded old geezers. So sue me.

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