Nifty OSX photo stitcher

A hat shop in Soho. Three shots stitched together using DoubleTake
I’m having fun with a nicely put-together OS X photo stitcher called Double Take. The Soho hat shop pic is made from three originals stitched together – can you see the join? I’m really in awe of the quality and completeness of the kind of OS X shareware/freeware I’ve been downloading lately – and this one costs much less than a tenner.

2 thoughts on “Nifty OSX photo stitcher

  1. This is GREAT!
    The Canon software I had was never converted to run in OSX, and if it was, it now costs money.

  2. Wow – this works great – thanks for the rec. – assumed I would just have to move ’tile’s’ like adjusting layers in Photoshop – but having it do it automatically in a split second is eerie…

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