Mortality, fallibility, electability

Death (all right, near death), addiction, conflict, betrayal, succession, loyalty, ambition… oblivion. Politics has it all. And it only takes a massive stroke or an intractable personality defect to take the story in a distinctly Shakespearian direction. Respect to tipsy Charles Kennedy and unconscious Ariel Sharon for the most gripping week in politics in years. Gripping enough, I’m sure the Channel 4 people will confirm, to make even the most postmodern Big Brother ever look a bit pedestrian.

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  1. I watched celeb BB last night for a while. Totally insane, just can’t get my head around it. It’s surreal in a quite unique way. Is it good, is it bad? Is it real?
    I liked the bit when they had to line up in order of famousness – talk about putting your ego on the line. And that woman who isn’t ‘famous’ but who was pretending to be, and they put her third from the end, but as far as I could work out half those present could have been pretending the same thing. Or am I just getting old. Anyway, George Galloway, what fucking planet are you on?

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