Abu, meet Rula

Abu Hamza, courtesy of PARula Lenska in The Big Brother House
He’s not an attractive man is he? He reminds me of a PE teacher I once knew – a cruel, self-important man we laughed at when he wasn’t looking (funnily enough, he wound up in prison too…). Anyway, since the man is an obvious jerk and since he’s probably about as dangerous as… er… Jodie Marsh, we think an appropriate punishment for him (should he be found guilty, of course) would be an extraordinary rendition – in a secret CIA limo – to The Big Brother House.

A few days eating toast in his pyjamas with that nasty, humourless cabal will make Guantanamo look like a Tupperware Party. Barrymore and Burns will soon have him snivelling in the diary room (or perhaps mewing like a kitten with Rula).

Alternatively, Juliet thinks he should be forced to run for leader of the Liberal Democrats. The humiliation would straighten him out.

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  1. He does seem like a horrible man – but what exactly is he on trial for? I mean, most of the quotes I’ve read in the press seem to be , but not very specific about going out and anyone in particular. And the thing where he ‘owned a book likely to be useful to ists’. God help us, I think I need to go burn my book collection. Some of them might also be useful to ists – like my London A-Z? Agreed – render him to the Big Brother house.

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