On getting old

So Paul sent me a link to a track by The Au Pairs, awesome feminist guitar-funk post-punks whose prickly, jumpy-up-and-downy sort of agit-pop animated our (Paul’s and mine) late teens nicely while he was in Birmingham – The Au Pairs’ home town – and I was in Stevenage – the singer’s home town (and before we knew each other).

Listening to the Au Pairs brought on a short burst of nostalgia (short because I was supposed to be preparing for a big, trans-Atlantic video conference, which is the kind of thing you do approximately 25 years after your last major pop obsession) and a bit of clicking here and there, including, of course, Wikipedia for more Au Pairs stuff (Paul insists Lesley is not a lesbian and I don’t know why he hasn’t just corrected the entry himself, since it’s a Wiki and all that).

While I was clicking I came across Philippe Carly’s absolutely awesome archive of ‘new wave photos‘ (44 pics of Young Marble Giants, 189 of OMD, 27 of Delta Five… It goes on and on). Philippe’s doing all this for love, of course, so you should click over there right now and leave a few quid in his Paypal tip jar, especially if you too spent the end of the Seventies and the start of the eighties watching floppy-haired soon-to-be accountants and school teachers jangling and jouncing and swaying around the stage at The Hammersmith Palais or The Lyceum (do you remember those Sunday afternoon mega-gigs with a half-a-dozen bands one-after-the-other and bring your own sandwiches? Pigbag, Echo & The Bunnymen, The Thompson Twins, The Raincoats, The Passions, The Pop Group…)

Philippe tells me he’s got some pics of The Ramones in a show at Proud Galleries in London opening on 26th April – I think I’ll go.

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  1. I could possibly read your post without commenting. Did you know that I married an my Au Pair? When I say ‘my’, I actually mean my mum and dad’s Au Pair. After 8 years, she’s still my wife…our house is spotless 😉

    btw – you comment form barfs at my email address and blog url. it clearly has a prejudice against certain companies 😛

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