Ploughing through a load of reading around my new gig today. I’ve joined my old mate Ivan Pope in a new business called Snipperoo. We’re going to revolutionise (obviously) the widget business. Never again will you have to cut-and-paste a line (or a paragraph or a page…) of scary-looking code into your blog’s HTML just to add a simple function like a weather ticker or links to your flickr pics or your diary. From now on you’ll just click the Snipperoo button. I’ll let that sink in. In the meantime, here are some pics of Ivan and Jay Gooby (the technical genius) in Brighton yesterday (plus a couple with new tattoos at Brighton Station). Here’s the Snipperoo blog, to which I will be contributing from now on and here, in the next days and weeks you’ll see the Snipperoo beta. Visit the site now and you can sign up for the beta.

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