Three new planets: astrologers not bothered

Of course it turns out that the planetary scientists opted not to demote one planet but to promote three new ones. Brilliant. I can see Michael Hanlon’s Daily Mail story already: “Dumbing down is out of control: now even frozen lumps of rock qualify as planets. What next: asteroids?”.

Remarkably, it looks like the new planets will actually produce better horoscopes. All these teeny-tiny ultra-distant mini planets somehow enhance astrology’s… er… resolution. Happily, it looks like Vedic Astrology is also unaffected by the addition of three new planets to the zodiac.

Indian astrologers only use the first six planets (up to and including Saturn) anyway and although one of the new planets, Ceres, actually sits between Mars and Jupiter, it’s unlikely to change your horoscope much because it’s so small.