It had to be King of something didn’t it?

Will King, the actual 'King of Shaves'
Can’t tell you now much it cheers me up to learn that the man behind King of Shaves, my favourite shaving brand, is actually called King. I suppose whatever business he’d got into it would have wound up being ‘King of…’. King of Lawnmowers, King of Cheese, King of Pants…


  1. hi steve, came across your post, plsd you like KoS. let me have your address and i’ll send you some of our latest stuff. would also love your feedback on a couple of little internet sites i’ve put up in recent weeks: and had to have something to do whilst i wait on my tech guys resolving my ‘king of blades’ razor…best will king

  2. I’d be so excited if I could be sure that you’re really Will King. However, I’m pretty sure you’re not. To begin with, you seem to be posting from an IP address in the UK – and I’m quite certain you’re American. Anyway, feel free to send me stuff…

  3. Steve, hate to tell you mate, but it is the real Will King, he is a Brit (although the teeth are a bit American), and he’s a top bloke – I used to buy from him when I was the men’s buyer at Boots a few years back.

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