Shaving for a living


A couple of months ago I blogged a company called King of Shaves, one whose product I had always admired and whose brand I thought was interesting – unconventional, quite funny, a bit knowing. I sort of thought it was American: a bit too much chutzpah for a UK company, I thought.

Anyway, it turns out I was wrong – they’re from Chesham in Bucks – and now, dear reader, I work there! I’ve taken a job as interim head of digital, working with the company’s founder Will King (the King himself), his MD Andy Hill and the rest of his small but perfectly formed team to – among other things – bring the firm’s already quite successful web presence up to date and to come up with interesting new digital stuff.

I’m going to be thinking about ecommerce sales, site traffic and opt-in data. If you have expertise or an interesting product in any of those areas I would, of course, be happy to hear from you.

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  1. Nice one on your new job! I always respected King Of Shaves too. It has developed a great niche business with some wily marketing and innovative “software”.

    I used to live with my friend Martha in Penn Street (near Chesham). After we moved out, none other than the King himself moved in. If you have not been to Penn Street before, I recommend sampling a pint of Badger at the Hit or Miss.

  2. i had a very nice time staying in penn street, and like jake says, the hit or miss was more hit than miss, although my tipple was a guinness or bottle of sauvignon blanc or three…

    now in marlow, and can recommend the italian ‘old school’ restaurant, villa d’este. great salt & pepper prawns!

    oh, and of course king of shaves too!

    ps – jake – mail (largely junk) used to come for you, i hope you are well.

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