Looking for freelancers

I’m looking for some freelance help with a couple of tasks. A reasonable day rate is available and the project is likely to be fun and to lead to lots more work if things go well:

Site map/visualisation/wireframe jockey. I need a visually cool and useful site map of shave.com. Useful infoporn. Something that’ll look good on the wall and also help in planning for the revised site. I’d like it in a useful, preferably editable format too. Basically, I want knobs on it.

Google SketchUp wizard and Second Life architect/builder (not necessarily the same person). I want prototype models for use in planning, online and in print, possibly, in SL too.

An IA with ecommerce experience: someone who can help me to craft a replacement for that shave.com web site, working with current and new tech suppliers. Write to me directly\ if you feel like it!