I like this

There are two phone numbers on Steve Johnston’s web site. One is an ordinary landline and the other a prominently-labeled premium rate (£1.50/minute) number. When I called him this morning I used the premium rate number. I did this deliberately, partly because I was kind of pleased to be offered the choice and partly because I had a feeling it might change the nature of our call a little bit.

I was right. Our conversation, which was quite friendly because I’ve known Steve for about ten years (although I don’t think we’ve ever met – I did see him on Dragon’s Den, though), was subtly different from an ordinary sales enquiry. When Steve picked up the phone we entered into a sort of mini contractual relationship. I paid for our chat. There was an implied SLA. I learnt some interesting stuff. Steve trousered about a tenner. Everybody’s happy. Brilliant.

3 thoughts on “I like this

  1. Steve, just wanted to say that the moment you said you were giving up blogging for Twittering was the moment that you returned with force to blogging. Good decision – blogging beasts out Twittering any day. At least it does for me as I would never get to read your Twittering.
    P.S. I sent you and email last night but your mailserver sent it back as undeliverable. It was about widgets.

  2. Enjoying balancing twitter and blog right now – they’re genuinely complementary. I have the mail server set up to bounce anything containing the string ‘widget’…

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