Deli duel

Yummies Deli in Radlett, Hertfordshire
Tzar Deli in Radlett
Here in Radlett on the Northern fringes of London’s suburbs we’re getting ready for an awesome deli smackdown. Yummies, the incumbent – just renovated and under new ownership – is getting ready to take on nervous-looking newcomer Tzar, a few doors down the road and now sporting a sightly defensive banner saying “it happened here first”.

Can both survive, even thrive, in a community of 8,000? Will Yummies exploit the home advantage (they’ve been selling bagels and Chollas here for years) and see off the pretender? Can Tzar’s slightly fancier produce (and tables to sit at while you’re eating it!) overturn the status quo and triumph? It could go either way. Gripping stuff.

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  1. After visiting friend s in Bushy I had a chance to go to both delis. hands down Yummies was much better. The selection was great and the service was much better. The staff at yummies seemed to be much more helpful and knowledgeable. Anyone can go and buy products to put on a shelf but it takes a true operator to teach staff how to service customers. I will tell you I would only send people to yummies.

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