Keen and Twitter

Read a bit of Andrew Keen at lunchtime. I do feel like I ought to. I like heretics. Still, it’s a pretty miserable read. Immediately cheered up when I got back to my desk, though, by a tweet from my 9 year-old boy’s class saying: “We have just compared two story openings. We have focused on the characters and settings.” His class and the other year 5 class at his school are using Twitter to update the world on what they’re up to.

A couple of kids in each class act as ‘Twitter monitors’. They send a couple of updates per day, that’s all, but it’s a really heart-warming thing: I’m getting a stream of tiny snap-shots from the chalkface. I feel closer to my Son and to what he’s learning (and it’s an improvement on the “er… I forgot” that I get if I ask him what he did at school today).

The idea is to give outsiders (principally parents) an insight into classroom activities and, ultimately, to connect classes together. A class here in the UK could follow one in India, for instance, and vice versa. I’m pretty sure Mr Keen would hate this, of course. But am I bothered?

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  1. Fantastic. What an idea. Was it yours, by any chance?

    Keen is a troll. He can’t possibly believe what he says. Maybe he even thinks he’s performing a useful social function, playing Devil’s Advocate.

  2. My son’s primary school tried blogging with Year 6 which I thought was great, but clearly it didn’t work for them as they stopped doing after about a term.

    But it was wonderful to be able to get a sense of what the school community is up to and what’s going on in the classroom.

    Maybe I’ll have to see if they’ll Twitter instead.

  3. A really nice idea, Steve. And perhaps a tad less arduous than a class blog. They could capture the RSS, though, into a tumblr blog so they can add pix and so forth when time allows.

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