John Cooper Clarke

Jon Cooper Clarke on stage, mic in hand, declaiming
John Cooper Clarke

John Cooper Clarke showed up as (usually unannounced) support at practically all the gigs I attended… you know… back then. Or at least that’s how I remember it. Everything about his ‘angry coathanger’ on-stage persona led me to believe that he’d be a pretty prickly guest on Jarvis Cocker’s Sunday show a couple of weeks ago but when it came to it he was happy and open-minded, full of praise for younger artists and obviously still learning, still working. Really inspiring. Here’s the interview:

John Cooper Clarke talks to Jarvis Cocker

And here’s the haiku he read on the show (the only one he’s ever written, apparently). Brilliant:

John Cooper Clarke: Haiku number one

Lovely pic of JCC by Tiger’s Pouch. Used under licence.


  1. Fabulous, just fabulous. What a legend. Seeing him live in a tent at Glastonbury round about 1980 was a highlight in my early life.

  2. John Cooper Clarke –An Homage – Nasty Nigel Lawrence

    A streak of piss with Dylan’s hair
    Influenced by Baudelaire
    Fucking funny when he swears
    John Cooper Clarke

    He love his lit, he loves a laff
    Never writes a line that’s naff
    I’d like to have him round my gaff
    I’d ask him for his autograph
    John Cooper Clarke

    Stove pipe pants, pipe-cleaner legs
    Not much meat on his ham and eggs
    Carve a career from his dregs
    John Cooper Clarke

    Like Iggy Pop, Marcel Marceau
    His name is apt and apropos
    Those consonants they kick but flow
    A pinch of vintage punk aggro
    A poet that you need to know
    John Cooper Clarke

    His one book is out of print
    On ebay it’s worth a mint
    Too much if you’re young and skint
    Publishers, I have a hint
    Reprint Johnny Clarke

    I saw him back in 83
    With The Saints and Chris Bailey
    The night belonged to JCC
    Find out what he means to me
    R. E.S.P.E.C. T
    John Cooper Clarke

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