What would I print if I had a Little Printer?

Some disagreement out there about what BERG’s Little Printer is for. I don’t have any special insight but I think it’s a charming and clever thing and I badly want one (I’ve put my name on the tell-me-when-I-can-order-one mailing list). So I had a think about what I’d print if I did have one:

  • Inscrutable password suggestions.
  • Daily quotes from John Cage’s Diary
  • Disquieting messages for people in other rooms.
  • Orders!
  • The frightening bits from out-of-copyright works.
  • The funny bits from out-of-copyright works.
  • Dog names.
  • IKEA product locations, Argos reservation numbers, mall maps.
  • Jokes.
  • (black and white) pictures of funerals and snakes.
  • Sequentially-numbered tickets.
  • Encouraging messages (when it looks like I’m a bit stuck).
  • Lists.
  • Postage stamps (obviously).
  • Cocktail recipes.
  • The names of all the fictional countries in the Wikipedia entry for ‘fictional countries’, one per day.
  • Itineraries.
  • Daily diet and exercise sheets.
  • Obscene notes.
  • Treasure.
  • Something to do while your computer’s rebooting.
  • Eventbrite tickets.
  • Local currency.
  • Everything said by one particular friend online during one day.
  • Game tokens.
  • Optimistic assessments of the situation.
  • The catalogue number of the CD on the radio now.
  • Hidden meanings, asides, sub-plots, back stories.
  • Chess moves.
  • Philip Larkin.
  • In-game messages.
  • Running totals, lap-times, half-time scores, way markers.
  • One-time keys.
  • The distance from earth of the Voyager 2 space probe.
  • Billets doux.
  • Wind-ups, complicated hoaxes, in-jokes, gags.

(…I could go on).


  1. An intriguing list – with lots of fascinating stuff … but, for your 2nd ever viewing, where would you store it for the future so that your family can bring it to your bedside at the old folks’ home for you to reminisce over?

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